Special Episode: Answering Listeners' Questions

Peace to Live By Special Episode: Answering Listeners’ Questions - Daniel Litton
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       In the Season One Finale, Daniel answers listeners’ questions with friend Justin Hathaway. The following questions are considered:

Relating to Episode 3, which was about the Creation of Mankind:
1) In the garden, did God really walk with Adam since God says no can see His face and live, and could it have been Jesus?
See Genesis 3:8, 1 Timothy 6:16, & John 3:13.

This question relates to Episode 8, about the Providence of God.
2) Why did Abraham try to bargain with God for Sodom and Gomorrah? Is God negotiable in certain circumstances and situations like when a parent pleads with God when their child is dying?
See Genesis chapter 18 & Matthew 7:7-11.

This question relates to Episodes 2 and 12, in which the Millennial Reign of Christ is discussed.
3) Why will God have the 1,000 year Millennium? Does he have a specific purpose? Why is Satan released at the end?
See 2 Samuel chapter 7 & Revelation 20:7-10.

This question relates to Episode 15, which was about Adultery & Divorce.
4) David committed some huge sins like adultery and murder, so why did God consider David a man after His own heart?
See 1 Samuel 13:14, 2 Samuel chapter 24, & 1 John 1:9.

Relating to Episode 19 about Hell:
5) Why does God let so many people die and go to hell? Why not let them cease to exist when they die?
See Romans chapters 1-3 & Revelation 21:11-15.

Relating to Episode 4 about the Attributes of God:
6) How does God have no beginning? How is it that he's been around forever?
See Genesis 1:1 & Psalm 90:2.

Here are some questions that don’t particularly relate to any of the broadcasts:

7) How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?
See Job chapters 40 & 41.

8) Why did people live longer before the earth was destroyed by the flood?
See Genesis 1:6-8, Genesis 2:5-6, Genesis chapter 6, & Genesis 6:3.

9) Does the Bible say what happened to Enoch and Elijah? Where did God take them to? Did He have a purpose for taking them without them dying?
See Genesis 5:23-24, Hebrews 11:5, 2 Kings 2:11-12, & Hebrews 9:27.