Special Episode: Answering Listeners' Questions, Part 1

Peace to Live By Special Episode: Answering Listeners' Questions, Part 1 - Daniel Litton
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       On Part 1 of the Season 4 Finale, Daniel answers listeners' questions with friend Pastor Larry Caldwell. The following questions are considered:

1)  Are there passages in the Bible that tell us what makes God happy? It seems in this world there must be so much that makes God unhappy. What can we do for Him?

2)  Statistics show most Christians don't tithe. What is the purpose God has behind tithing—what does it mean to Him? Does the Bible say that in tithing we can actually test God on it? I am almost afraid to say that because I thought we weren't suppose to test God on anything or is it a promise?

3)  Prayer seems to be the most powerful thing in the world. What does God say about prayer on His part? Does He really keep our tears in a bottle? Are there certain things God wants us to pray for and some things He doesn't want us to pray for?

4)  What does it really mean to take up the whole armor of God? Does God promise to deliver us from the devil's attacks? Can the devil supernaturally attack us where we wouldn't stand much chance?

5) In a world of varying religions, what makes Christianity special? What makes it more than just another religion?

More questions coming next week…