I Can Believe in God Without His Word? Part 3 (TMF:818)

Peace to Live By: I Can Believe in God Without His Word? Part 3 (TMF:818) - Daniel Litton
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       Rules can be good, right? You should believe that rules can be good. No one would argue that people driving on the road shouldn’t stop at a red traffic light. If you don’t stop at the red light, you run the danger of running into someone, right? The light turns red for a reason. There has to be rules in order for their to be order in society. And no one argues that these rules are bad, at least, most of them. And most of us support them. So, if we are willing to support and obey simple rules like stopping at a red light on the roadway, then why aren’t people willing to obey rules God has outlined in the Bible? God put the rules in the Bible for the good of humans, not to harm them or to be a killjoy. As a matter of fact, God likes it when we are happy and enjoying life. But in order to really enjoy life, one has to, or should follow certain rules. These rules bring truly fulfilling life. And through Christ, God gives people a way to choose to obey what he says is good, right, and true.