Christians Just as Bad as the Rest of Us? Part 4 (TMF:794)

Peace to Live By: Christians Just as Bad as the Rest of Us? Part 4 (TMF:794) - Daniel Litton
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       So, here, Paul instructs us not to associate or eat with any person who says he or she is a Christian, and yet, is actively committing a ‘big’ sin in his or her life. This is not talking about people who have done these sins in the past before becoming a Christian, or during a time of drifting away from Christ, but who is currently, actively participating in one or more of these sins and yet sees nothing wrong with it. God says to remove this person from the church, no longer associating with the person, even though most churches do not do this, even when they are aware of it. I guess they’re afraid of being sued or something. So, not getting sued is then more important than following what God says. Churches rather need to have faith and practice this part of Scripture.