People Believe Because They Were Taught To? Part 3 (TMF:821)

Peace to Live By: People Believe Because They Were Taught To? Part 3 (TMF:821) - Daniel Litton
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       God opens people’s eyes to see the truth behind what he is telling them. Now, some people see the truth, but then they quickly forget it or chose not to believe it because they are afraid that following Jesus will affect their life experience. They are afraid they will somehow lose out on something, or multiple things, by accepting Jesus. This is the lie that Satan tells some people. And it’s sad because, personally, I have no regret to choosing to follow Jesus some 15 years ago. Christ has given me true life, a way to live that is full of peace, comfort, and security in this life. I mean these are essentials in life that people want and desire, right? I believe that apart from Christ, it is truly impossible to have these things to their fullest extent. Without Christ, there is no ‘real’ life, no ‘real’ living. Christ gives people the meaning of life.