Christians Don't Follow Their Own Bibles? Part 2 (TMF:789)

Peace to Live By: Christians Don't Follow Their Own Bibles? Part 2 (TMF:789) - Daniel Litton
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       None of us perfectly follows everything God has said to be true in his Word, or even perfectly follows everything he or she proclaims. I’m not trying to discourage anyone, but we will all slip up every here and there. It is the blood of Jesus that makes us right before God, not our own actions or works. Through our actions and works, we do not become acceptable to God in his sight. We have already been accepted and approved by God from the moment we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. And this brings up the fact that all Christians—those who are truly Christians, who follow Jesus as Lord in their life—have been sanctified before God. That is, they have been made righteous before God in his sight by the blood of Jesus. Therefore, they are no longer counted guilty for their sins, past, present, or even future. And this true even if the sin committed is a ‘big’ sin.