Peace Keeper #1- Communing with God, Part 1 (TMF:707)

Peace to Live By: Peace Keeper #1- Communing with God, Part 1 (TMF:707) - Daniel Litton
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       Number one in my list of peace keepers: Staying in conversation with God on a regular basis. “When I pray, you answer me and encourage me by giving me the strength I need” (Psalm 138:3, TLB). Prayer is so essential to living a good life. Paul told us to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17, ESV). The practice of continual conversation with God is so important to have a good day. I have found that on days of which I went about my day without adequate prayer, I find myself suffering in not too long a time. The sole purpose for our existence is to be in a relationship with God. After all, that’s why he created us so that he could be in fellowship with humans who willingly want to be. We, as humans, want to be loved, and God also wants to be loved. When we spend time in prayer with our Heavenly Father, it starts our daily tasks off on the right note. It gets our minds in the right place so that our thoughts will be flowing in the right direction. God gives us the strength we need to live out each day of our lives.