Wrong for a Christian or Church to be Rich? Part 2 (TMF:786)

Peace to Live By: Wrong for a Christian or Church to be Rich? Part 2 (TMF:786) - Daniel Litton
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       The idea here in Paul’s words to Timothy is that a Christian should not “desire” or have the “craving” to become rich. One should try to be content with the amount of money that God has given him or her. Jesus said on one occasion, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required” (Luke 12:48a, ESV). It is true that God may give a Christian great wealth, but with that wealth comes great responsibility. Life is not easier when a person has a great amount of wealth. It’s also true that God has blessed certain churches with a great amount of wealth, and these churches should use that money wisely to help their church members become more like Jesus and to advance the Gospel, whether locally or off in great distances. But just because a church is wealthy, or a lot of wealthy members go there, does not mean that the church is not following the model of Jesus.