People Believe Because They Were Taught To? Part 4 (TMF:822)

Peace to Live By: People Believe Because They Were Taught To? Part 4 (TMF:822) - Daniel Litton
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       Now, some people think that because American society is mostly Christian, that that is why a lot of people believe in Christianity. They think that, say, if perhaps another religion was dominant here in America, that people would just believe in that religion instead. In other words, they say we are just offspring of our circumstances and backgrounds. And, this argument, in a way, is partly true. It certainly is true that some folks just identify with their sect of Christianity because that’s what they were brought up in. They stick with whats comfortable and familiar. They may believe and practice the Bible or they may not. And many people have believed in Jesus in the church they were brought up in. But just as there are many who stay with their upbringing, there are many who don’t (myself included). Many have visited new churches and have believed at those churches, and as a result, they stay in those churches.