The Truth Will Lead Your Life in the Right Direction (TMF:642)

Peace to Live By: The Truth Will Lead Your Life in the Right Direction (TMF:642) - Daniel Litton
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       Perhaps you've been listening to all that I've been talking about, about how Satan tried in many ways to stop God’s plan of Jesus going to the cross. Perhaps you, yourself, are all too familiar with Satan’s bad plans in your own life. Perhaps you have followed the wrong ways of doing things, and your life has gotten messed up pretty bad. The Good News today is that God can put you on a straight path, and make things right with you and him. He can give you his Truth, which will lead your life in the right direction, away from the failing ways of this world and from Satan’s wrong paths. But perhaps maybe what I've said today has been new to you, or maybe you've heard it many times before, but you have never believed on Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins. Remember, God wants everyone to come to know him—no matter who you are. He offers his free gift of salvation and eternal life to whoever will believe in him. He died on the cross as your perfect substitute and rose from the dead defeating the power of sin and Satan altogether. Jesus can set you free from your sins today, and he can also give you freedom from their stronghold.