Living a Life of Peace is Indeed Possible (TMF:644)

Peace to Live By: Living a Life of Peace is Indeed Possible (TMF:644) - Daniel Litton
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       Of all the things we have in this world, one of the most important is the peace we have in our minds. We often use the phrase “peace of mind,” and it is true that having peace of mind makes life the best it can be. If we are living in bad mental states all the time—states of fear, anxiety, chaos, depression—whatever it be—we won’t enjoy life as much as we could, and for some, they won’t enjoy life at all. So, peace then is very important to us. If we can have a peaceful mind within ourselves, this good mindset will pour over into our speech and lives. Life often times can be whatever we make of it, so why not live in peace all the time, if possible. The good news today is that if you’re a Christian, living a life of peace—having a peaceful mindset—is indeed possible. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that Jesus has given us his peace. One might say, “Really? Well, I sure don’t feel peaceful most of the time.” But we have to realize that our peace in our minds is a choice. Though God has given us his peace, we have to choose to live in that peace.