Peace Keeper #1- Communing with God, Part 3 (TMF:709)

Peace to Live By: Peace Keeper #1- Communing with God, Part 3 (TMF:709) - Daniel Litton
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       God always answers our prayers when we have a need. Generally speaking, there are typically three answers that he provides. Yes, no, and often times “wait.” We love the first answer, but not so much the latter two. If we are going to keep our peace while we are waiting on something, we are going to have to spend time talking with God, and trust him as we wait. Again, this can be very difficult when the thing we desire is impressed greatly on our hearts. But our trust in God will overpower the desire to obtain whatever it is that we want. We exercise ‘faith’ that God will provide what we want and need at the right time. God does give us what we want a lot of times; you know that, right? He is our loving Father, and just as parents often give their children the desires of their hearts, so God will often give us the desires of our hearts. The problem is, many don’t believe that, and therefore, do not obtain because they do not believe. No one can serve two masters. Either we will hate the one and love the other, or we will be devoted to the one and despise the other (see Matthew 6:24).