Peace Keeper #3- Following Our Hearts, Part 2 (TMF:714)

Peace to Live By: Peace Keeper #3- Following Our Hearts, Part 2 (TMF:714) - Daniel Litton
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       We don’t have to have all the facts about something before making a decision. When we don’t follow our hearts, we lose our peace, and we live a life that isn’t as fulfilling as it could have been. All of us, at one point or another, have attempted to justify our actions by using logic, by thinking things through in our heads when we know that the thing we are thinking is not what is in our heart. It is important, though, that we don’t do this, because it takes away peace of mind. Following logic is operating like a piece of machinery, or like a robot; there is no love in the equation. Sometimes it is hard to make the ‘right,’ heart-felt decision about something. God may be calling you today to start or be involved in a certain ministry, but perhaps you have justified your way out of it by saying to yourself you don’t have the money or the time that it will take to fulfill it. Or, maybe you have said to yourself that you’re not good enough. You may have talked yourself out of it, but you know, deep down, that that is what is in your heart and what God is calling you to do. Well, you need to follow your heart and forget what you mind is telling you. If you will do what is in there, God will take care of the rest.