Anyone Who Trusts in God Cannot Go Wrong (TMF:798)

Peace to Live By: Anyone Who Trusts in God Cannot Go Wrong (TMF:798) - Daniel Litton
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       I hope I have helped answer some questions to some who are considering coming into a personal relationship with God. My desire is that you look into and follow the Truth. He can be depended on, and anyone who puts his or her trust in him cannot go wrong. Indeed, God wants everyone to come into a personal relationship with him—every person who exists on this earth right now. But, if you’re not willing to believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of your offenses against him, and give your life to him, there is nothing God can really do for you. God doesn’t force anyone to come to know him. However, he will send anyone to the eternal fire who does not have his or her sins covered through believing in Jesus. This is because God is a holy and righteous God, and he cannot let offenses against him go unpunished. God in his love desires everyone to come to know him, but it’s also true that in his holiness he demands all humans to holy who want to have fellowship with him.