I Can Believe in God Without His Word? Part 1 (TMF:816)

Peace to Live By: I Can Believe in God Without His Word? Part 1 (TMF:816) - Daniel Litton
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       Contention four: “You don’t need Christianity to believe in God. I can just believe in him independent of an inspired Word from God.” People have the ability to choose to be deists, to believe that a god just created the world and then left it alone to see what might happen with it. The problem with this kind of thinking is, how does a person define God then? If we don’t have a word from God, then how do we know anything about him? How do we know what is good, right, and true? We could just look at nature, I guess, and observe from nature that which can be seen from the eyes. But we cannot derive conclusions about how we should behave as humans just by looking at nature. Just believing in God independent of his Word allows a person to create whatever beliefs he or she wants to about living, and not really follow the true God. It puts the individual in control, rather than putting God in control through his inspired Word.