Christians Can Follow God On Their Own? Part 3 (TMF:797)

Peace to Live By: Christians Can Follow God On Their Own? Part 3 (TMF:797) - Daniel Litton
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       We can’t be helping each other out, as Christians, if we are not involved in our local church. We are to be stirring up each other in love and good works. We are to meet periodically. We should be encouraging each other, as we are all waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ to return. Jesus said, “‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself’ (Mark 12:31, ESV). That’s the second greatest commandant. We cannot love our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ if we never see them. If we aren’t participating in activities from our church, we can’t fulfill the second greatest commandment in our lives. So, fellowshipping with and loving other believers is pretty important, both to be pleasing to God and to our own personal spiritual growth.