Intro to An American History of Christmastime (TMF:SE15)

Peace to Live By: Intro to An American History of Christmastime (TMF:SE15) - Daniel Litton
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       One of my favorite paintings of all time is the famous one of ‘Washington Crossing the Delaware.’ And, as most of us know, this crossing of the Delaware took place on Christmas Day Eve of 1776. Indeed, the year of 1776, while it was the year of the Declaration of Independence, had proved to be a tuff and troublesome year for the Continental Army in the fighting of the War of Independence. So, Washington needed something big—he needed a substantial victory against the British. Washington’s tactic in attacking Trenton was, of course, the element of surprise. Christmas is all about the element of surprise, as it was in this review of American history and as we are reminded of every year. Sometimes people need a morale boast, just like the Continental soldiers needed, and so we give our gifts to others hoping they will make them happy. We want Christmas to be a joyful time, a time of celebration, a time when we are with family, and perhaps even friends, celebrating the goodness of life and all that God has done for us. We are thankful for how kind he has been to us throughout the year. And we want to bless others by giving to them out the abundance that God has given to us.