Christians Just as Bad as the Rest of Us? Part 1 (TMF:791)

Peace to Live By: Christians Just as Bad as the Rest of Us? (TMF:791) - Daniel Litton
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       Contention four: Christians are no better than people who don’t go to church. They are just as bad as the rest of us. Now, it is the case sometimes that there are those who go to church, or even churches as a whole of people who do not practice what the Bible says. These people are Christians in ‘name’ only, but really don’t follow what the Bible says. They are sexually immoral—some fornicating, some committing adultery, others practicing homosexuality, etc, and yet still make a claim and profession in Christ. Some just commit non-sexual sins, like stealing, being greedy with money, or drinking too much. Whatever the case, these people give Christians a bad name because some in the world notice these people who say they are Christian and yet are doing things God clearly prohibits in his Word. But the New Testament actually says that these folks, those who regularly and continually commit the ‘big’ sins, are not actually Christians but are false brothers and sisters.