God Wants Everyone to Accept His Free Gift (TMF:800)

Peace to Live By: God Wants Everyone to Accept His Free Gift (TMF:800) - Daniel Litton
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       God wants everyone to accept his free gift of salvation through Christ. Jesus has died in our place, and he rose from the dead, showing that he even has power over death. In the same way, though we must all die because we have all sinned, Jesus will raise each person individually who has believed in him, and will take them to be with him forever. He said in his Father’s house are many mansions, and he is preparing a place for everyone who believes in him today. If you would like to accept Jesus today as your personal Savior and Lord, then follow lead in this prayer: God, I have done many things against you in life. I understand that I am not in personal relationship with you. However, today, I want to turn from living life without you—from doing things that I know are wrong, that are against you. I believe Jesus did die for me, and rose from the dead. I want to have a new life in Christ, and I am giving him my life today. I want to live for now on following you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.